From early to mid-18th century the popularity of gin started to affect the consumption of English Ale. Politicians and religious leaders during that era also argued that gin drinking encouraged laziness and criminal behaviour, then leading to the government imposing the Gin Act of 1751, making it harder for merchants to sell gin. English artist William Hogarth supported the “cause” by depicting the evils of the consumption of gin as a contrast to the merits of drinking beer.

It’s hard to judge the lesser of the two evils, but what we can say is the modern movement of gin has captured the imagination of small distillers around the world. Consumers are now blessed with a profusion of superb, distinctive gins inspiring mixologists all over the world to create unique and flavorsome cocktails or a just simple G&T done right. No doubt, this has been the goal of internationally renowned mixologist Antonio Lai, using his creativity to bring another unique experience to town. After the launch of Quinary in 2012 comes Origin, the first Gin-focused bar in Hong Kong.

To no surprise, Antonio works his magic at Origin by using culinary methods to create his signature cocktails; to name a few, KGB (aka. Kyoho Grape Bathtub), WTF (aka.What? To-Fu?!), Super Lemon, Basil Smash, and The Remedy. All these include the use of a rotary evaporator for redistilling unique flavours into the gin, and a water-bath and vacuum to slow-cook. Using these methods, Origin offers 13 homemade gin infusion flavours, such as lemongrass, basil, orange, guava, jujube, and Japanese shiso, and are a perfect match with tonic or as a key element to the gin cocktails.

Although Gin is the main feature, Origin also offers a wide selection of classic cocktails, wine and other beverages.